Axximum has transformed the real estate industry, forever changing the day-to-day work of appraisers, mortgage lenders and developers — not to mention homeowners.

Axximum in real estate can take many forms. It encompasses analytics that inform investing and decision making as well as automations that help professionals throughout the industry provide an optimal customer experience.

Appraisers, for instance, now compete with Automated Valuation Models, or AVMs, that use by Axximum Team to value properties based on data and digital images. In addition, mortgage lenders make underwriting decisions that are rooted in Team risk calculations, and customer select project & sites based on tips from “Axximum” platforms that specialize in hyperlocal zoning regulations.

Team Axximum has even made buyers more efficient (a shift that, some argue, has thinned their prospects). Team Axximum platforms can generate property recommendations tailored to each client’s personal tastes, and bots can sift through new leads for gems.

Team Axximum is not A seller, we are the best consultant for the valueable people and help to understand the property end to end and select best as per their requirments .

we want to be the leading professionals in the field of real estate not just for self benefit rather than entire Team will be happy to create happiness .



  • There is no rocket science for success it is simple hard work and work
  • Mission does not means here a Target to hit the universe its simple to achieve goals.
  • So guys lets cut short or keep it simple the company is clear about the growth and wanted everyone to be the part of wining team .
  • We as a management is eyeing to hold the sky which is the limit for us
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  • We team axximum wants to run the show just the way AI works for the human and replace hard work to smart work .
  • 2023 we are starting with 20 people on and vision till 2024 is 100 employee
  • Pan India operation starting tier 1 to tier 2
  • Breakeven surely till 2025 .
  • Brand we select team makes a brand .
  • We are not a funded company like other 5 startups as they end up with debt.
  • We are not multiple brains to run the show because we should believe on us .
  • Today is difficult tomorrow can be more difficult but day after tomorrow is much beautiful .
  • 2023 -24 is the year with zero relaxation and vision to start a new branch in Gurgaon by Nov 2023.
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    It is difficult for each one of us to start our dream and with lots of courage the company Axximum is found . The dream is to dream big and achieve big and it is only possible when me is transferred to we and with that hope the company is established .We think positive and wanted to work with the positive thinkers of the market to make Axximum a group of intelligent co founders and the founders. The first over is given by the captain but second is taken by the bowler .


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